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Classic Train Station


Presenting the Classic Train Station

Nothing to fancy or to simple was one of the main goals for the design of this train station. The model is neither too small or too large. Meanwhile, it is also highly detailed all the way around, with many play features. How about taking a moment to discuss these features and details.

  1. The bottom exterior of the model is surrounded by 1 x 1 slopes to give the look of siding, not to mention, there are also brown pergolas on either side so that your minifigs may sit in the shade while waiting for their train to arrive.
  2. If the weather is too bad, there is also an interior in which minifigs may find very comfortable to rest in. The interior consists of the clerk's desk and a couch for minifigs to sit on while they wait. There are also two lamps on either side of the couch, and the clerk seems to have books on one of the window shelves. Perhaps there may be a lot of spare time for reading. 
  3. There is also an attic that seems to have a couple of boxes in it. Luckily, there are two light bulbs as well so that minifigs do not bump into these boxes in the dark. 
  4. All of these interior details are complimented by several features: the roof panels can be easily removed to access the attic, or, if you want to use the interior, the whole roof is easy to remove as well; there are also windows that can be easily opened to let in some fresh air, and a door to allow minifigs an easy access to the building. 

This model is packed with everything a minifig needs in a train station. The interior of the station will allow for a higher level of creative play, as younger audiences will be able to make deeper stories while they have their minifigs wait for the train. Meanwhile, the high details of this model also make it an excellent display piece for older audiences, and a train station is also an essential component of any Lego city. All of this points to the fact that this would make a great Lego set. If you agree, how about throwing some support behind this project. Thank you for stopping by! 


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