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The Wingfeather Saga: Igiby Cottage

   Beware! Fangs of Dang and dreaded toothy cows roam the lands of Skree! Watch your step or you could become trapped in a gargan rockroach den or gobbled by a bomnubble!

   Immerse yourself in the rich world of Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli Igiby with this faithful recreation of the Igiby cottage from the Wingfeather Saga book series and short film. At around 2900 bricks and with plenty of space inside, this build offers much potential for play. Help Kalmar overcome his fear of heights by fixing the roof; feed Leeli's adorable dog Nugget a bone; or even help the Igiby children's mother, Nia Igiby, bake a maggot loaf for Fang commander Gnorm. But tread lightly; the black carriage waits to carry anyone away to that mysterious villain Gnag the Nameless!

   The Wingfeather Saga with its enchanting appeal to kids and adults alike simply begs for its own LEGO models. The books were written to inspire creativity and imagination in a childlike way that lends itself perfectly to the LEGO system of play. With their growing popularity and the coming release of a television series there will soon be more demand than ever for the Wingfeather Saga in LEGO bricks.

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