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Micro Vinyl Record Player


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Enjoy your vinyl on a smaller scale!

This retro-themed micro build features the humble vinyl record player, a common design and color found in portable record players. The final set may appear in different colors and contain different records. Potentially, I think it would be interesting to include stickers of popular records from famous bands, or different colored plates to make this set more interesting.


I believe this would make a great Lego set for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is a small build, meaning many builders may find it possible to build or modify their collections. Secondly, its small scale makes it ideal for desk and display. Finally, the inclusion of Lego vinyl of actual bands would allow fans to display their favorite albums in a fun way!

Scale and playability

The small scale of this set would allow builders of all ages to enjoy and easily build this set. The tonearm is created in such a way that allows for posing the model in a playing or idle state. the record can also spin freely in its place. The model also comes with a green indicator light (trans-green round tile) and a volume knob at the front.

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