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Three-Horned Bloom: Torosaurus

Torosaurus latus is one of the most iconic animals to have roamed Mesozoic North America. The build depicts an adult male T. latus foraging across a stretch of fallen blossoms, as flowering plants had made their evolutionary debut in the Cretaceous period.

This model includes a fully articulated figure of T. latus, with a wide range of possible lifelike poses. Articulated portions include fully jointed limbs, an opening lower jaw, and various ball-jointed connections across the animal's body. Also included is a sleek base with various studded portions, allowing for a variety of connection points for the dinosaur and the surrounding foliage. Additionally, a plethora of white cherry-blossom flowers can be placed along the base using built in stud connections in any pattern a builder would see fit.

With paleontology being such a unique discipline within the greater field of biology, it is important to communicate new findings and understandings of these animals to people of all ages. LEGO bricks are the perfect medium for this project, as they offer a captivating building experience that, when coupled with scientific artwork, can reach an expansive range of builders. From children to adult collectors, this model offers not only a complex building experience, but also a potential understanding of an animal long lost in time.

If you're interested in seeing prehistoric models like this on shelves, be sure to support this project and help spread the word!

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