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The creation is a decorative object for your home, dedicated to women: jewels, an everlasting dream.

The first object is a black exhibition neck supporting two necklaces; the second is a little stand with two circular objects, such as two rings or two earrings, it's all up to your imagination! The second stand is very simple to contain the amount of parts used.

All objects are gold made and decorated with precious diamonds. Gold is obtained by yellow chains, rings and other yellow parts, diamonds are very common parts in many LEGO sets. Diamonds are transparent parts with no colour, in order to give the maximum effect of transparency and reflexes.

The aim is to create a little and simple set to exhibit.

The contrast between yellow parts and black parts gives a strong impact to this creation, something little but very visible. This is the same concept of jewels, shining or eye catching objects, little but very visible. This is the reason why during centuries women strongly appreciated particular materials like gold, precious stones or lively coloured materials like coral.

The creation of the bigger stand required to modify some parts giving them the black colour, so I think this is a very original combination of parts regarding what we've seen before and how this parts have been commonly used.

Many images have been produced to show the shining diamonds under different point of views, one is the closing system of the bigger necklace, very similar to real gold necklaces.

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