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The French-Asian Restaurant


Outdoor Seating, Additional Boat, Additional Land Behind Restaurant, and New Boat Design

In the 3rd update of the French-Asian Restaurant, I have added additional seating, but this seating has been located outdoors, behind the restaurant and docks.  Now there are two boats, so the guests at the restaurant can sit out in the outdoors and watch as the boats slowly pass by on the canal.  More towards the boats, I've redesigned the boats.  The boats are now a black-and-dark-blue, instead of the racing fashion style of alternating black-and-white.


1. 2719 pieces

2. 6 total mini-figures

2.1 2 chefs

2.2 1 Waiter

2.3 1 Family

2.3.1 2 Adults

2.3.2 1 Tennager


Docks and a Small Orchard

In this new update of the French-Asian Restaurant after the boat and modular update, I figured, "What's a boat without a dock?".  So, in return to my question, I made a total of 4 docks; 3 smaller ones and 1 larger one.  Also, water (blue 16x32 baseplate) has been placed underneath the boat and towards the docking stations, and some more land (semi-green 16x32) has been added.  In this update, there are no new mini-figures.  There also has been added to orchard, so the chefs of the French-Asian Restaurant can get some fresh produce from the trees daily.


1. 2,220 total bricks

2. 6 mini-figures

2.1 2 chefs

2.2 Family

2.2.1 Adults

2.2.2 Teenager

2.3 1 Boat Driver


Modular with a Boat

In the new update of The French Asian Restaurant, the modular feature has been put into action, meaning that the layers of the building come apart for interior play.  Also included in this new update, there is a boat, excellent for transporting your mini figures to and from different places.  This also comes with an addition-to total of 7 mini figures.


1: 2075 pieces

2: 6 total minifigures

2.1: 2 chefs

2.2: 1 Family

2.2.1: 2 adults

2.2.2: 1 teenager

2.3: 1 waiter

2.4: 1 boat driver