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Red Tractor


This set represents a small and simple red tractor suitable for children, but also suitable for children or adults of varying tastes.
The idea came to me because near a home of my late grandfather there is a field where we grow some vegetables and there is also a tractor, so I tried to do an imitation.
Playing with this one can imagine this little story:
"One day, John, a tall, middle-aged man dressed fairly roughly, was doing his peasant job with his mythical tractor when he realized that the fertilizer he was injecting was poisonous.
In a moment he sped on his tractor in the street and saw another tractor coming out of his field, so he decided to pursue him.
A tedious pursuit, but he succeeded with a happy ending for our John, who took the tractor to his side and rolled it down to a deserted road, where fortunately no one was passing by.
He looked inside the malicious tractor cabin and discovered that the wicked man was Phil, a competitor in the world of peasants, because he was in possession of a field and at the moment between the two was the worst.
John brought Phil to the police station, took the right fertilizer and saved his field and also a possible economic ruin "
My set could be affordable for the imagination used within the game, for playability and for ease of construction.
You might like it for simplicity and novelty.
I hope you voted for my project.
Thank you!

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