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Japanese Restaurant


The Japanese Restaurant was inspired by my trip to Kyoto, Japan in 2018. The building exists on Karasuma-dori St. near the main train station. Elements of architecture and elegance include Japanese style-windows, lanterns, tile roof, cherry tree, bamboo, and a wood bridge over a pond that spans the front of the building. Once inside, the patrons can choose between eating upstairs or downstairs. To order Ramen, Sushi or other dishes, they provide a ticket machine called a Otsuri. Outside in the side alley there is a typical colorful drink vending machine that you see everywhere in Japan. And of course, Japanese are famous for their cats... So this MOC has one! This building is a great play set for kids because it comes with many minifigures and comes apart in three sections: first floor, second floor and roof. It also contains Lego-brand LED lights that shine from the roof all the way to the first floor though a interior light shaft.

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