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Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder


Brickworld Chicago 2016: Beyond The Brick Interview

Thanks to the crew at "Beyond The Brick" for taking the time to check out the model at Brickworld Chicago 2016!  The guys were excellent and they've posted this up on their YouTube channel:


Some Additional Video for Support

Over this past year after submitting the Landspeeder to "Ideas", there have been numerous write-ups, reviews, and even video outside of the promo cut for the model itself.  Great to know others are watching and care enough to include it in their reviews and works:

Possible 2016 Idea winner - yes please!  I love the other builds in this video as well (not a video of mine):

This second video shows progress of the speeder and different design possibilities that I had for it (not a video of mine):



BrickJournal LEGO Ideas Spolight

I'm hoping this isn't a "no no" for content on "Ideas", but I felt I had to share:

I don't know what to say!  The team at BrickJournal decided to spotlight this "LEGO Idea" in their upcoming edition featuring custom Star Wars LEGO creations to celebrate the latest installment of the franchise, "Star Wars: Episode VII -- The Force Awakens".  Check out the preview of page "30" for a brief look and thank you to BrickJournal in making this a high point for this project!


5000+ Supporters!

Thanks to all that have supported, commented, shared, tweeted, tumbled and pinned links to this project site.  The project is half way to the goal and promoting of the project continues in different ways.  I'm I hopeful that this will reach 10K - thank you again!


Video and a new still - a tremendously HUGE THANK YOU to CALLSIGN51!!!

Thanks to the crew at CALLSIGN51 for putting together this video for the project as well as taking new stills (my favorite below):


Brickworld Chicago 2015

Amazingly enough, this Idea was nominated into the top five and ultimately took home "Best Land Vehicle" at Brickworld Chicago 2015. It was a great opportunity to be graded by the other builders at the show and get feedback from the public as well - they loved it!  I'm hoping that more interest and support was generated for this project as well as exposing LEGO Ideas to more of the public due to this event.


Minifigs, Sticker and Stand

Over the years, we've seen more minifigures attached to products in the UCS line.  I figured I should follow suit with this model for marketability if this were to make 10K and enter the LEGO Review.  Including the four passengers on the stand surrounding the sticker (I think) is a nice touch - I believe any "die-hard LEGO fan" will appreciate this.  Also, as suggested by a couple of individuals, I've shorted the stand some as the craft did sit a little too high.  Updates below (current piece count is 2854):


Open Engine - Updated for LEGO "Ideas" Compliance

On February 2nd I added an update to this project for a redesign on the Open Engine - "Open Engine Revisited".  This design used genuine LEGO pieces that were cut (tubing - 55668) and I noted this within the update.  For builders that felt this was an "illegal" modification or use of parts please note that the LEGO Architecture set 21003 (Seattle Space Needle) has the builder modify and cut LEGO tubing (see step 15 of the instructions).  This was my justification for making a more detailed engine by engaging in a practice that LEGO promotes.

On February 11th, LEGO updated their Guidelines/House Rules for "Ideas" (noted in their blog) with the following bullet in particular:

"◦We’ve clarified a reference to “genuine LEGO bricks” to read “genuine, un-cut or modified LEGO® bricks” to eliminate questions around modification of existing LEGO parts in projects." (

Although unfortunate, I completely understand why LEGO would do this for "Ideas" projects.  I'll admit precision work with a scissor (or hobby knife/razor) isn't for everyone and having predefined pieces as LEGO does zero out error during the build.  I'm certain that customer complaints would ensue via safety concerns for younger builders, builder error during modification (although 21003 was exceptionally straight forward), as well as other reasons.  Also, providing additional/extra LEGO parts for specific details where modification is involved in each set for the reason of builder error or "mis-cutting" would be inefficient and costly for LEGO.  With this change in Guidelines/House Rules in mind, I've updated the engine once again to include uncut pieces.  Although I liked the look with the cut pieces better, I think the changes made still capture the essence of what I'm looking for.  I've used two 4599s in place of the tiny-sized cuts, a 58856 in place of the medium-sized cut, as well as a 30374 in place of the angled-cut tube joining the larger 55668.  Below are pictures of the pieces that were changed out (original cut pieces on the right, uncut replacements on the left) as well as the new look.  I'm confident the updates keep this project in compliance with "Ideas" Guidelines/House Rules (if not, LEGO please drop me a line):



Thank you for Supporting - almost 3500 in the first month alone!

I wanted to take the time to thank those that have helped this project along during its first month on "Ideas".  Your generosity in helping spread the word is greatly appreciated - all articles below.   A great deal of thanks goes to those that have generated countless shares (too many to mention) in various social media outlets.  I've posted some new pictures of the Landspeeder to reflect all of the project updates:


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Closer Look at Cockpit and Windscreen

There were a few requests to see updates to the cockpit as well as the new windscreen up close. 

Cockpit Configuration - For the cockpit, there was a slight modification to the front as well as the two pieces of electronics that sit on the dash to allow the new windshield to attach properly.  For the electronics, I had to switch out the original 64225s with two 47749s due to the height/length restrictions.  I was still able to keep the new pieces raised and angled which was my major concern on detail:

Windscreen - the pieces of the windscreen are broken out below: