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M-Tron 2020 Wraith Recon


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For your appreciation I present the M-Tron Wraith Recon ship. In the 80's I was a youngster who spent countless hours building and creating with my Lego collection. I found the space themed sets the most entertaining and since I don't have any of my original collection (a good deal eaten by floor vents), now as an adult I wanted to try and design a ship from one of my favorite themes, M-Tron. I wanted to stay true to the original theme but wanted to provide a bit of an update to the shapes and details. While the images have this setup for display I tried to make it so that it could be swoosh-able giving the haul rigidity and adding in some compartments with opening panels. I'd like to see a return of the Lego spaced themes and am sure a few others would as well and for that reason I think this make a great Lego set.

A screen wipe:

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M-TRON 2020 Wraith Recon
Science Operations and Research Team (SORT)
Ship Type: Wraith Wing
Engine Type: Quad V-sar Ion Engines with Class 2 Hyperdrive
Crew: Three Officers, One Droid Assistant, 4 Survey Drones
Piece Count: 1778 (Ship: 1295, Base 483, 3 Minifigures)


Stellar log PSR-J20200622
Cpt.  Rogers
We have arrived at the anomaly and initiated an orbit to keep clear of the asteroid field. The energy cycles coming from the anomaly are stable and appear to be exciting the Maglazerite mineral embedded in the asteroids nearby. The drones sent into the anomaly last reported 16 hours ago and are believed to be a loss. Analysis and star charting will complete and we will continue exploring the…
Lt. Anderson
Sir! We are receiving a transmission but it is very degraded. Attempting to calibrate...

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