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BMW M1 (E26)


9K supporters

Thank you so much dear fans for your all support. 10k is close and I'm really happy, appreciate it! New render for you.


8K+ supporters!

Thank you very much dear fans for your support! Fresh render for you, enjoy.



3K supporters!

Thank you a lot dear friends. New update: M1 in dark green with big rims, summer is coming!


2K supporters, many thanks

new render in red, enjoy.


BMW M1 racing car

Thank you for all supports. Check out new render, enjoy :-)


+500 supporters, many thanks.

Thank you very much for supporting. New render of classic version in white color, hope you like it.


1K supporters, thank you very much, great!

Many thanks dear LEGO friends for your support, I really appreciate it and I have a small present for you. Small BMW M1 with building instructions, which represent, that project BMW M1 is closer to reality and we can build it at home from a real bricks, enjoy! Thank you again, and hope to reach 5K soon.



BMW M1 in dark blue

Imagine LEGO BMW M1 on your desk. I hope you like and many thanks for all supporters. Stay tuned for next update.

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