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Mini Republic Dropship (LAAT/c) with AT-TE and AT-OT

The LAAT/c, or Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier was used by the Republic in the Clone Wars to carry tanks and large vehicles, such as AT-TEs or AT-OTs. It has been seen in LEGO form once in 10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker. The dropship was able to pick up and carry the included AT-OT or 7675 AT-TE Walker. This small-scale version is also able to pick up the mini AT-TE and AT-OT included with the set.

This is the mini LAAT/c in Lego Digital Designer. It uses 200 bricks and features adjustable wings, magnetic clamps, and front and rear blasters.

The mini AT-TE (left) and AT-OT (right) in Lego Digital Designer. The AT-TE uses 111 bricks and features a rotating top turret and adjustable legs and front and rear blasters. The AT-OT uses 76 bricks and features adjustable legs and rear blasters.

The mini LAAT/c carrying the mini AT-TE and AT-OT.

The actual Republic Dropship from Star Wars Ep. II: Attack of the Clones. The Mini Republic Dropship set has 387 bricks total. It includes a mini LAAT/c dropship, a mini AT-TE walker, and a mini AT-OT transport. The dropship can carry the AT-TE and AT-OT. It's conceptual price point is anywhere from $5 to $15 and could be packaged in a polybag or box.

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