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BOTW Temple of Time

“Since its first appearance in 1998, the Temple of Time has become a vital location in the Zelda series. It contains not only the Master Sword but also the key to the sacred realm, the Dominion Rod, and a fraction of the Mirror of Twilight.”

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a long time. This is the first time I experienced adding texture to a build and it took a while to get the hang of it.

I love this lego build because I love post-apocalyptic architecture and I have always loved Zelda. It was cool to combine two things that I love into one build.

This set was built with and custom decals were added using part designer. The set has about 3000 pieces and has one Minifigure and two brick-built characters.

  • Link: Link was incredibly hard to make. For his tunic, I extended past his torso and halfway down his legs. Instead of hair, I gave him the Hylian hood which is commonly worn in the game. His accessories are a Hylian shield, the master sword, and a sheikah slate.
  • Bokoblin: For the Bokoblin, I went for a brick-built style character. He holds a Boko club and has long ears and a wide belly. 
  • King Rhoam Bosphoramus: The king is seen once you complete all the shrines on the great plateau and through him, Link is able to receive a paraglider and leave toward the castle. The king is brick built too and where a long black robe lined with gold.

The Build:
  • The build was the first time in any build I made where I worried about texture. I twisted bricks left and right, spun 1x1 quarter tiles, and angled plates in different directions for the desired effect. This is my first build doing it and I plan to make many more like this in the future.
  • There are three main colors, dark blueish gray, dark gray, and olive green. When these colors are combined in the right way, the colors blend and work together really well.
  • For the vegetation, I blended different plant elements to make the build look like it had a vine growing all around it. 
  • There are two character-like objects in the set. The first is an abandoned guardian behind the destroyed tower and at the back of the set, there is a statue meant to resemble the goddess statue in Skyward Sword.

Thank you, and please support!

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