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Amtrak Scenic Express


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Come ride the rails and watch the fall scenery pass by as you relax onboard Amtrak's Scenic Express. Take a seat in and talk to friends in the passenger car or go have a bite to eat in the vistadome cafe car. Inspiration for this set and design came from Amtrak's Downeaster train service. Last fall they decided to add a historical vistadome car for sightseeing and a better view of the New England fall landscape. Both cars feature spacious interiors to store a plentiful amount of minifiguires along with the 4 that are included. The standard passenger car is a classic layout with tables so the passengers have will a place to put their belongings. While the cafe car, has three sets of tables and chairs (1 being on the main floor and the other 2 in the dome area), and a kitchen for a chef to cook all the ordered meals. The locomotive is a FP-40, which is a common sight on the Down Easter, and is equipped with all power functions devices (motors, sensor, and battery box). This set was designed to be played with while keeping a decent amount of detail in the train, but also provide a fun building experience.

This set includes:

1) diesel locomotive with all power function units

2) standard passenger car

3) vistadome cafe car

4) 4 minifigures (3 passengers and 1 engineer)

Hope you all enjoy the design everyone and keep on building.



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