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Raptor Dinorider


About This Project

This is a project that is inspired by a cartoon show from my childhood called Dinoriders. In the show the good guys work with the dinosaurs as a team and the bad guys would use mind control headsets to control the dinosaurs. The one I have created here isn't from the show originally. It is of my own design. It belongs to the good guys that work with the dinosaurs. For weapons it has a long range cannon that can spin 360 degrees on one side. On the other is a four barrel machine gun that can spin 360 degrees as well. This set is best suited to patrol, escort, and quick hit missions.

Play Features:

  • Holds one minifigure.
  • Raptor has good articulation.
  • Both weapons on each side can spin 360 degrees.


  • One minifigure.

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