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Who has never organized an exquisite bbq in the garden?
This Lego set will make you hungry, are you ready to enjoy a great hot dog or a tender pork ribs?
The set consists of a black bbq (you can open the lid to discover the precious content resting on its grill), with wooden side shelves, useful tools and of course our delicious queen, the meat, including the ever-present hamburgers.
The scenography represents a flower garden and will make you feel absolutely at home!
Close your eyes and inhale: can you smell the smoked scent of this type of cooking? So grab your beloved bbq sauce and don't waste any more time, this set is up to you!

This can become a great Lego project because barbecue is synonymous with friends, family, beautiful sunny days, vacation and relax!

The idea is to put a battery compartment with red LEDs inside the barbecue which serve to simulate burning coals and give a realistic effect to the scenario.

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