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Classic Space Hydrosphere Explorer

Classic Space Hydrosphere Explorer
The Hydrosphere Explorer is a spaceship used by a Classic Space colony currently exploring the southern spiral arm of the galaxy. It is an amphibious vehicle - It can travel through space or dive down under the surface of oceans on water planets. The Hydrosphere Explorer's fish-like shape helps it move through water.

I designed this model because I love Classic Space and really enjoy building spaceships.

About the ship
The cockpit where the orange spaceman sits is kitted out with two joysticks and an original Classic Space control panel. The two engines are connected to the spaceship using an Antistud SNOT technique. The Hydrosphere Explorer's tail is built using transparent yellow Nexo axeheads sandwiched between wedge plates.

About the minifigure
The orange spaceman is an adventurous type who loves exploring beautiful alien ocean worlds.

  • The model measures 7.2 cm wide, 17.9 cm long, and 8.8 cm tall.
  • The overall piece count is 144.
  • Very swooshable.

Thank you for your Support! :)

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