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Baby Velociraptor in Egg


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It is a white egg big enough to fit the baby velociraptor in. The baby velociraptor’s body comes apart so you can switch body’s with other animals. It is light green, two front claws, two front powerful feet, and a head shaper with a curve just like the actual animal. It has a sleek body so the wind does not slow it down and is a perfect preditor.


I think it will I’ll make a great set because it has not been made before and it is a dinosaur and those are cool! Also because so many kids love dinosaurs and i love them to. (I just finished reading Jusrasic Park and it was great!)  Please like and i hope it makes it to the shelves! i will be adding updates soon for better details on the dinosour. I am also going to make a whole bunch of other dinosaurs so you can mix and match soon! (:

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