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Classic TARDIS Console Rooms

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Well, here we are. Another submission relating to Classic Doctor Who.

This time, we have the Classic TARDIS Console Room(s).

We have three variants to choose from.

  • The Grey Mode – The standard design used throughout most of the Classic Era, albeit with a few minor alterations over the years.
  • The Secondary Console Room – In the TV Series, this Console Room was used by Tom Baker from ‘The Masque of Mandragora’ up to ‘Horror of Fang Rock’.
  • As I call it, The Transition Console Room (My personal favourite.) – This is the Console Room seen in the 50th Anniversary Special; ‘Day of the Doctor’, as used by John Hurts Incarnation, known either as the War Doctor or the Other Doctor. Using elements from the Classic Grey Mode and the Coral Setting as seen from 2005 - 2009.

The changes I would make are minor. First, a proper scarf piece for the Fourth Doctor & a modification to the Columns used in the Transition Console Room, to make them more accurate.

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