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Future House Complex


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We all have an idea for the future: hovering vehicles, cool spaceships, and fascinating architecture. That last one is what I'm focusing on.

This entry is, essentially, one thing. Or four. It's four of the same building, but all different colors for different seasons. Blue is for spring, green is for summer, orange is for fall, and red is for Christmas. Each one has the same minifigure and bike. Two benches are outside all four buildings. The first floor is an entry level. You go up the stairs and into the living room. The second floor has a "wood plank" floor. A tan couch faces two, big windows. Big windows are sometimes envisioned in the future. Like really big windows. Up the second flight of stairs, there's a bedroom. A brown table sits next to a comfortable bed. Well, comfortable for a LEGO minifigure. A light colored dresser is set against another wall. Two walls are solid. A big, glass quarter dome covers the roof. Translucent tiles decorate the building. Shiny, square tiles cover the ground below.

These buildings can all go together or separately. I hope you like this entry. Please support and tell your friends!

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