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Micro Future City

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It started from my passion for miniatures but also the possibility to exploit the Lego Brick in a more advanced way. Regarding to the recent products released by the Lego Group, it has been a great data base to start up my own project. I have noticed that many sets have been miniaturised, regarding to their high number of bricks and therefore price. This interest for miniatures is also perceptible regarding to the concurrency in the brick productions, but not with the same potential and quality than Lego. Have you tried all the connections possible in between your bricks ? This Lego Idea will challenge and improve your building skills ! 

The Micro Future City is a sample of what is possible when creating a different hierarchy in the assemblage of the pieces and modules proposed. Sometimes it is possible to create amazing things from just a few bricks left around the table. All the bricks suggests naturally spaces / architectures : walls, opening, doors, bridges, and can be assembled more originally to compose beautiful mini-scapes. There is a important graphic and visual impact also on the colours choice, while white suggests buildings and architecture features, the colours such as green, and brown suggests natural environments such as forests, rivers, mountains. 

I hope you will enjoy this project, further photos and informations will come soon ! 

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