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Rapid Response Medical Helicopter

This custom rendition of an important emergency vehicle includes fully functional geared rotors, high endurance winch assembly, large rear loading ramp for medical stretcher, fold-down side doors which reveal cargo hold, and a detailed cockpit.
The black, red and grey colour scheme is striking and highlights the main purpose of the helicopter, which is quick medical response in dangerous situations.
The body of the helicopter is 30cm long, 10cm wide and 15 cm tall.
I built this set as I wanted to create a model which is fully functioning and also accommodates the necessary elements on the interior, such as a cockpit space, a spacious hold which can hold the medical stretcher and medical personnel, and a winch assembly for hoisting the stretcher and/or cargo inside.
I believe that this would make a good lego ideas set as it is not often that a vehicle makes it through the ideas platform, and this one would make a great display model or playset.

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