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Mountain Bike 4 in 1

A mountain bike is great. Four mountain bikes in one set? Even better!

There are many great brick mountain bikes out there, but I decided to make my own as I wanted to have some adjustable features. In the end I managed to have the following on this bike:
  • adustable seat height and inclination;
  • adjustable stem height;
  • front and rear brake discs;
  • option for hardtail or full suspension (1 hardtail model + 3 full suspension models = 4in1);
  • front fork can make full turn;
  • GPS/phone mount on the stem;
  • water bottle and cage;
  • front and rear lights.

The instructions include options for 4 models (4in1): 1 hardtail model (no rear suspension) and 3 full suspension models. The fork assembly is the same for the 4 models. The 3 full suspension models are all four-bar linkages, or Horst-link, but have different types of rear suspension rocker. The frame geometry is very similar for all 3 full suspension models, with small variations of length of seat stay and chain stay. The connection between the seat stay and chain stay is a bit different from other bike designs out there, and that is how I managed to include the rear brake disc.

This model is based mostly on sets 42063 and 42107, plus a few parts.

Now go outside and ride a bike safely!

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