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International Space Station


Back in business

By just passing the halfway-mark this project shooted directly to the top one position in the "popular this week" list and has stayed there for over a week already!

Tanks everyone for the continuing support - with keeping this spirit we can make it to the final 10 000 votes mark as well!


Houston, we have a run!

This project is in "popular this week" for 6 weeks already! We have a run here! Thanks everyone for your continuing support!


ISS in the wild at Bricking Bavaria 2017

That was quite a show: Bricking Bavaria 2017 was Germany's biggest exhibition of fan-made LEGO models this year! We had 58 000 visitors at Spielwiesn this time!

All my ISS models were on display along with my other space models and some railways as well...


The Real Deal

In case you wondered, if this is buildable at all - I checked that for you. It turns out: It is!!

And in case you want to have a look yourself - come and visit me in Munich (2017-11-17..19) at the hilarious "Spielwiesn" event! My project will have it's first public appearance there!

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