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The USS Constitution


The USS Constitution, compassionately known as “Old Ironsides,” is a ship constructed in 1794 as the beginnings of the new U.S. Navy. Far from simply being a great American icon, she represented a new path of shipbuilding. She was one of six frigates designed to be more heavily armed and armored than other ships of her size, while still being fast enough to evade enemy men-o-wars.

Her design proved effective and after winning the first victory against the British Navy in the War of 1812, the USS Constitution was kept from the scrapyard. Now, she is the oldest ship still afloat—even sailing under her own sails and performing salutes for special occasions.

Here is your chance to have this world-famous ship sail its way across your desk or perform salutes from your shelf! This model is solidly designed from stem to stern and is highly detailed, allowing you to reenact all of your favorite battles.



  • A Full Compliment! The model is roughly to nanofigure scale and comes with several figures representing officers and crewmen.
  • Head Below! Two separately removable deck sections allow access to the gundeck. That deck is complete for display or play with, stairs, ladders, cannons, carronades, powder kegs, and even bilge pumps.
  • Stowing Away? A section of the hull may be removed to access the cargo hold belowdecks.
  • Raise Anchors! Spin the Capstan to raise the anchors. The pulleys are hidden out of sight so as not to distract from play or display.
  • We’re Going to Need a Bigger Bottle: At nearly 2400 pieces, this model measures 74.1cm (2.4ft) long and 65.3cm (2.1ft) tall without the display base.


So unfurl the mains and set sail with this Eagle of the Sea!

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