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King Krentz's Castle Keep and the Knights of the Brick Table


Inspired by the classic Yellow Castle, King Krentz's Castle Keep is hidden deep in the mountains. When the evil Dragon Lord begins threatening the kingdom, the four Knights of the Brick Table must convene a council to address the growing menace!

Featuring a detailed exterior, a bell tower, and a statue of the great King Krentz, this castle keep is designed to be a highly detailed, beautiful display piece with enough characters and play features to intrigue young kids' imaginations.

Using only around 700 pieces, the castle still manages to maintain an impressive size. Take a look below for a 360 view of the Keep!

Includes 4 Knights of the Brick Table, 2 guards, the Dragon Lord and his dragon!


This project is created as a tribute to the late, great LEGO designer Daniel August Krentz. He was the first foreign set designer hired at Lego and a pioneer in early castle sets, designing some of the most memorable sets during the dawn of the castle age. His masterpieces include the famous Yellow Castle, Guarded Inn, and Black Falcon Fortress.

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