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Coin-Op Machines


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As I kid, I always begged to ride on the coin operated machines outside stores.  Of course, if there was only one, it made me feel sad.  But when there were three or more then it was like an amusement park!

I was always mesmerized by their brightly colored decorations and their fancy blinking lights.  But just having them look like a fancy little ride is not enough.  These amusing little rides really work!

Titanic Waves!
This rocking ship has encountered some rough waves.  With every turn, it plunges fore and aft.  Additionally, white crests of foam splash alongside the hull of the ship.  In total, this is less than 200 pieces.

UFO Uh-Oh!
High above in the stars is an Unidentified Flying Object.  Using alien technology, this ship can raise and lower as well as spin around to face any direction.  Only the brave can pilot this vessel!  Set contains less than 200 parts.

Robo Chicken Walker
The future of farming is here and it looks a lot like a giant chicken!  Inspired by the work of JK Brickworks, this walker features single direction turning, moving legs, and bobbing head.  All of this is mounted to a barn base.  Embrace the future!  Long live the chickens!  This model contains less than 300 parts.

For me, enjoying these rides was a family experience.  So I envision having a family of four minifigures with the machines.  The idea is to have someone in the family that builders can relate to.  Additionally, I wanted the building experience to be to scale.  That way the younger builders could feel just as impressed with building the Titanic Waves as the adult builder feels with the Robot Chicken Walker.

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