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Percy Jackson & the Olympians- Camp Half-Blood Poseidon Cabin

This set is based on the Poseidon cabin in Camp Half-Blood from the Percy Jackson movies. It has 251 bricks, has 5 minifigures, 1 Centaur (brick-built), and would cost $25-30. The cabin is made of brown LEGO bricks, has a bunk bed, a spear and shield on the wall, a globe (There's only the stand because I can't find the pieces on LDD), and a trident at the back. The minifigures are: Percy Jackson, Annabeth, Grover, Chiron, Poseidon, and the Minotaur (When Percy first came to the camp he was attacked by the Minotaur). I hope you like it, and check out my other stuff!

The inside/back of the cabin.

The front.

The top.

A better look at Chiron.

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