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Winter Walk

I present to you Winter Walk! This scene represents what you might see while taking a stroll through snow-covered country.

About the Model

Snow-covered steppingstones wind their way through a few pines, past a snow hare, across a frozen creek, and over the other bank.

I built the model horizontally to create a unique, smooth surface, excluding the sloping hill made of stacked plates towards the back of the model. Using 1x2 jumper plates enabled me to raise the stepping stones up above the ground. Both trees to the right of the path I attached to the ground by 1x1 modified bricks, and the snow hare I attached to a 1x2 technic brick.


The model measures 9.5 in (24.1 cm) long, 4.6 in (11.7 cm) wide, and 4.7 (11.9 cm) tall. I approximate the piece count to be around 200-240 total pieces.

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