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Leg Lamp From a Christmas Story


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Watching the movie A Christmas Story is a tradition in our family. Growing up in Cleveland (where the film was shot), I love seeing all the scenes of my hometown.

This model is a LEGO recreation of the famous leg lamp featured in the movie. Originally this MOC was designed using a large-scale minifigure leg as the leg, but none of my non-LEGO friends got the joke, so I redid the leg portion to make it more realistic.

The model has just under 800 parts, including 200+ gold tiles for the shade and 150 tan tiles and slopes for the leg, and stands 12 inches (30 cm) tall. The overall leg design has an interior column of bricks to create an outward facing building surface where modules of the leg can be attached.

A Christmas Story has become one of the most watched Christmas movies, and this MOC would make a great display piece on any bookshelf or windowsill.

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