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Catch Me Who Can! (Steam Locomotive)

It is super attractive steam locomotive.
Lego has been one of my best friends since I was 6 years old. I keep a lot of old lego series, such as castle, space center, monorail, and I like a lot of figures such as Robin Hood, Captain Hook.

Now I am a dad of 6 years old son. I enjoy playing lego with my son. I love not only classic lego but also new series(ex. lego city). When I make lego these classic and new one together, I feel I am a boy who spend the whole day with lego. I am a time traveler and I can play lego with my lovely friend, my son.

In particular, my son is big fan of train. I bought lego city passenger train 60197, lego cargo train 60198, lego city cargo train 60052 for him. Y'know everyone loves trains and especially steam locomotive reminds dream, memory, scent of hope. My son asked me the coolest steam locomotive "catch me who can" as his birthday present.

I searched lego steam locomotive hardly, but I couldn't find all black one like real "catch me who can". As a matter of course I could realize his gift - steam locomotive with lego bricks(because of this I LOVE LEGO! I can make everything with my old pal LEGO). My son fell in love this train.

I certain this cool steam locomotive will be loved every children n lego fans. This will be the best present for everyone.

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