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Space Assault Carrier


About This Project

This project is my Space Assault Carrier with Armored Assault Rover. This is a spacecraft that is designed for dropping off it's Armored Assault Rover quickly on the field of battle. The carrier is heavily armored and has many weapons for self defense. For weapons there is the main twin cannons on the top that can spin 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees to track targets. Then four guns pointing forward on the front of the carrier to clear a path for it's rover. Then on each side of the carrier are two cannons that can move independently of each other and track targets very easily because of the ball like design. All of these weapons are good in space as well as on world for protecting and attacking. The front of the carrier opens/closes so that the rover can exit the carrier. On the back of the carrier is the main engines. On the bottom of the carrier are the engines used for landing and takeoff. There is two levels of the carrier. On the first level is the med bay, the weapons hold, and the cargo hold for the rover or other cargo. The second level has the flight deck where the carrier is controlled from. The roof of the flight deck can open/close to access the inside. There is a ladder too get from the first to the second levels. Also the roof of the cargo bay and the flight deck can be removed to access the first level. The rover has two weapons on it. First is a four barreled rocket launcher that can track targets. Second is a large cannon that can track targets as well. The rover opens/closes in the center for access inside. The rover can hold three minifigures with weapons. There is a spare blaster at the back of the rover's interior. 


  • Four minifigures with space helmets.
  • Minifigure accessories like, laser pistols, blaster rifle, and heat seeking rocket launcher.
  • The Armored Assault Rover.

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