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Micro Movie Cars


[ If you think this project could be an official lego set, so please vote for my idea : 10 000 votes could perhaps transform this creation into a real lego set!! ]

There are already several sets which represent famous movie cars with lego bricks: so why not to create them in microscale? In fact, I love playing with lego cars and wanted to make really micro autos: this was a big challenge because using small pieces to represent such big cars is diffcult: but I think I managed to do it! So there are the four cars I created:

- Ghostbuster car

- Back to the future Delorean car

- The Jurassic Park car

- The Blues Mobile

There are not to many pieces and it seems to be a cool set as it could be a nice idea of gift: in fact we this project would attract movie fans but also car fans! I will build more micro cars in the following months based on different other movies!

I think that creating some micro cars is undoubtly an original idea. If you like my project, please don't forget to vote for it (the project needs 10 000 supporters!). It would be cool also if you help to share this idea to your friends!


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