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Disney's Phineas and Ferb Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.


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"And by unexpected, I mean completely expected!"
After a years work I present Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. This stunning build includes 3000 pieces. Featuring 8 Minifigures and a 6 story fully modular building.

On the first story we have the Mr. Slushy dawg stand, the Fynn Fletcher antique shop, the lobby, and in the back a secret entrance leading to Perrys secret headquarters.

On the second story we have Doofenshmirtz living room with a coach some shelving and a t.v. It also has a kitchen.

On the third story we have Vanessa's room with her bed and her shelf. Also to the left there is norms room a.k.a. the closet which features some boxes a mop a shelf with a Lindana record.

On the fourth story we have Doofenshmirtz room featuring a shelf with Doofenshmirtz's My Evil Plan pop up book, a bed, and a picture of Charlene.

On the fifth story we have a balcony and several inators such as the original inator, the chicken replace inator, the disintegrator-inator, and the magnetism magnif-inator.

On the sixth story we have Doofenshmirtz's lab with some piping a desk with a computer.
Thank you for all your support on the way to 10k.

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