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Space Plane or Fighter Jet


What it is

This is a secret supersonic plane that has the ability to fly just into space and fly back down again. It could also be a really awesome fighter jet, the trim and glass could be changed into any colour depending on the series. It is a sturdy plane that is made mostly from old Mars Mission pieces, that is why the glass and trim is orange. I'm sorry if the pictures aren't the best but all I had was a torch, paper and a door. By the way it is fairly large.


- retractable legs

- support for refuelling in flight (spike on the front)

- clip on the back (please give me ideas on how to use this, right now I have a little repair robot that can be attached but am open for ideas on this part)

- sturdy design


Please Support and follow. I will release a LDD version when I get 200 supporters. :) 

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