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Stained Glass Window Kit

Stained glass is beautiful. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could build stained glass windows out of Legos? Recently I stumbled on a way to design them quite easily. I am proposing a set that includes pieces to build these two models, and show you how to build many more!

Remember to step back and let your eyes see the pattern as separate shapes, not as individual pieces.

The smaller one.

I build these by constructing a frame, then building a support that keeps the pieces in place until I am done building. When finished, I lift it up, and the frame will hold the pieces together without the support.

Now you start building. Small tweezers are especially helpful here, because they will make it easier to move the parts into position. These are difficult to design, but not to build. As I set the windows up to take pictures, I knocked the larger window off a desk, and rebuilt it from memory in about twenty minuets. It is likely that these would be for the 16+ age group.

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