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 Tecnicompanion, also goes by Tecnico, is the scout of the Heiwarriors, she neither Armaturaider nor Zurrunner.  She was created by a kind human named Neuro. She lived in a dangerous part of the city with her creator. One day, while she was mapping areas with one of her drones, Insanirebel discovered the drone and pinpointed her location, while was using Insanirebel his radar, she heard an air raid siren go off. She asked her creator what was wrong, Neuro told her the truth: he was an escaped prisoner from one the Catalyst's stockades, he showed her the siren, it was made from the remains of a tracker implant Neuro removed from his neck. Neuro told Tecnicompanion to run, but she refused and wanted to stay by his side. But before she could say anything else, he shut off her systems and hid her somewhere where Catalyst couldn't find her. When she awoke, she discovered that she was in the Heiwarriors' base of operations. She was soon greeted by Sentaitan, who told her that he and Lanparade found her while during a battle with Insanirebel. She demanded to know what happened to her created. Sentaitan told her the truth: he passed away when debris fell and caused him to have a stroke. She was sad at first, but Lanparade showed her a message that Neuro left behind for her. The message read : "Tecnico, if you are reading this message, it means that I have passed away. I know you will be sad due to my parting, but don't let my death be in vain, your scouting skills are unperilled, and can be put to great use. I will have arranged for you to be sent to the Heiwarriors, help them stop this evil before it can progress. Be kind and funny, yours truly, Neuro". She said to herself, "I'll make you proud, Dad" and began working on her on battle suit, she called it the Anomalocarriage, so that she work on the field with Sentaitan and Lanparade. To this day she is a true member of the Heiwarriors. 
   Her name is the portmanteau of the Italian word for technical, Tecnico, and companion. Anomalocarriage is the portmanteau of Anomalocaris, an ancestor of modern arthropods, and carriage.

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