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Snowmobile With Suspension and Steering


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About the snowmobile:

  • The snowmobile has back and front suspension, and steering.

  • The suspension uses rubber bands, and the steering is achieved by moving the steer from side to side.

  • I use Friends accessories sponges, and some bars, to imitate a rubber band in the renderings. There are also images of a physical model that shows how it looks with real rubber bands. I used black rubber bands, instead of the small white LEGO silicone rubber bands. Black fitted the color pallet of the snowmobile better, and did not stick out as much. If this model will be commercialized, then hopefully small black silicone rubber bands can be made. I believe that they can be useful for other models as well.

  • I had an old LEGO Technic figure that fits on the snowmobile, and I think that it would be a good idea to revive, and modernize these figures, since they add a ton of play value.

  • If the LEGO Technic figure is on the snowmobile, it leans to the left when taking a left turn, and to the right when turning right. This imitates how a person would shift its weight, when making a turn on a real snowmobile.

  • The skis of the snowmobile can tilt when driving on uneven surface.

  • The track can spin easily, when the tension of the rear suspension is released a little bit by pushing the snowmobile slightly down, while driving.

  • The seat can be lifted, so that the track can easily be fixed, if it falls apart during heavy playing.

  • I included a few more color options.

Why I think this would make a great LEGO set:

  • It has realistic functions, even though it is small, and it is easily recognizable.

  • I chose to use some existing LEGO parts in uncommon colors. This would make it appealing for LEGO enthusiasts, and be a reason for buying the set instead of recreating it from parts that people already have.

  • The snow mobile is small enough to be affordable, and it has good building integrity.

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