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This is a very special robot, not the ordinary robot you usually see.
Yes, a sphere, with arms and a digital face, lets see some more into details!

So to begin with this spherical robot, is that it's floating in mid-air, with a misty green laser coming out from his body so he can hover. Two identical arms that are mechanical and has super powerful grips.
He can even drag objects by his magnet hands and make them hover as well.

He has a digital face with a mouth and two eyes, yeah he never needs to eat or fuel, he has unlimited fusion power built in. The green lamp to the top is to light up his surroundings so he can see better.
This sphere is coated with shiny silver tiles to replica metal materials, and with transparent green for the digital and to be mechanical stylized. Also a bigger dark green plate with the transparent green mist, to give the illusion by its axle support, that its floating.

This build also has a cool function, you can rotate his arms 360 degrees, in any direction!
Idea is inspired by a digital painting of mine. Hope ya'll like it!

I believe this set would make great for children and adults (about 8-16+)

LEGO Idea created by Cronibet

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