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Eda's Owl House


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The Owl House is based on the well known show with the same name. It's unique on many levels as a show and also includes one of the coolest locations in a while. The show's main protagonist Luz Noceda lives here with the Owl Lady Eda (who built the house).

The model shows the intriguing architecture with the curved roof and the big stained-glass window looking like a demon eye. The old tower in the background completes the magical scenery.

The house includes the living room as well as Luz's and Eda's rooms with many interior details. A light brick would be ideal to show the colorful windows The figures include Eda Clawthorne, Hooty, King, Luz and her friends Amity, Willow and Gus. They come with their personal accessories: Amity's abomination ooze, Luz' glyph, King's crown, Eda's owl staff (Owlbert) and magic casting circle, Gus' illusion casting, and Willow's magical plants.

The Owl House is an awesome show and I hope this idea initiates an IDEAS recreation for all the fans but also for everyone who likes a cool witch house model!

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