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Hidden Treasure


The Hidden treasure is a play set including a secret cave and a beach.

Two surfers have decided to camp on a small beach. They surf as much as they can during the day and in the evening they sit by the campfire and eat from the catch of the day. If they haven't caught any fish, they have to dive for clams or have a few of the backup coconuts. They sleep in the shelter they built from dry palm leaves. 

One day, the weather was too windy for surfing so they decided to explore the surroundings. They found a small statue hidden in the lush jungle just a short climb from the beach. Then they took a refreshing shower in the waterfall, and behind the water they found a secret entrance to the cave inside the mountain.

The set includes:

- two palm trees
- a handmade shelter
- two surfers
- two surfing boards
- a fishing rod
- a fish
- a statue
- a gold chest with treasures, 3 gems

Total number of bricks 950.

I've built a set with details to look at and a lot of stuff to play with, just like a set I'd like to have myself.

When you play with the set, the cave is easy to reach from the back of the model, but you can't see it before you open the back door.

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