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Black Falcon's Fortress


Building Details: The Chimney and a New Window Frame.

A few of my project's supporters were asking for both a small chimney (like the original) and a better angle of the back building. 

I just happened to find a yellow window frame not too long ago and I think it looks much better than the original reddish brown I used before. 

Let me know what you think! The more advice the better! :)

Have a great weekend! 



Interior Rooms: The Dungeon and the Kitchen.

I’ve heard it said from multiple comments from lots of different places that several of the spaces inside the Black Falcon’s Fortress seemed very empty and lifeless. People suggested that I add some livable spaces and more interior details. You asked, and I tried my best to answer!

First, we have the Dungeon, this is where captive enemies can be safely kept until their eventual release. Some prisoners spend more time in there than others…

Next, we have the Kitchen, this is where the knights and soldiers inside the castle can break their fast and make and enjoy their daily meals.   

Thank you all so much for over 1300 supporters in just two short weeks! I hope you guys like these updates and I’ll be working on more soon!

Have a great weekend!


The Black Falcon Knights

The troops that guard and maintain the Black Falcon's Fortress are as awesome as the castle itself!

Every castle needs a skilled set of Archers to put holes in the enemy from afar.

But don't forget the infantry! These stalwart warriors believe themselves worthy of defending their homeland.

And finally, the Knights! The pinnacle of medieval warfare, the mounted knight was an awesome force on the battlefield. Few would dare stand against their thunderous charge! 

The Fortress would ideally include a nice selection of mini figures as shown in the main pictures. I've shown my entire collection below. I doubt having this many knights in a set would be practical but this is just an example of the potential you could get if this castle were to become a set! 

Thank you so much for your support so far! Please continue to share with your friends and family! You guys have an awesome weekend! :)