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Ninjago Mobile HQ


For a while I have wanted to build a mobile HQ for the Ninjago ninja, and here it is. The model includes:

  • Six detachable vehicles
  • Six stands for the ninja's armor and weapons that rotates 360 degrees.
  • Room to relax in with video game controllers, TV, speakers, pizza, and couch
  • Storage places for the vehicles
  • Hidden holding cell
  • Crane that slides in and out of the trailer
  • Detachable roof
  • Two hidden spring loaded shooters
  • Phone
  • Map screen
  • Kai ZX, Jay ZX, Zane ZX, Cole ZX, Lloyd ZX, Sensei Wu, Nya, Spitta, and Samurai X armor minifigures.

This model took inspiration from the Agents 8635: Mobile Command Center, the Ultra Agents 70165: Ultra Agents Mission HQ, and the Ninjago theme. It is constructed from 2431 Lego bricks. The complete model is 69 studs long, 15 studs wide, and is 15 bricks high.

Pleases support this model. It is much appreciated.

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