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Amtrak F40ph


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I started building this new ​project last week, but I didn't finish it until tonight. Why did I do that? Well, I only build on Sundays during the Easter Season. I prepare for Easter during the other 6 days of the week. Now, you may all look at this project!

This is a replica of an Amtrak F40ph ​diesel ​locomotive. It consists of 360 pieces. Here's some more info about this locomotive:

  • This locomotive has a ​Phase iii color scheme.
  • Power Functions compatibility! Hooray!
  • Lifting cab roof and engine room roof.

In the future, I might build some ​Phase iii ​train cars to go along with this Amtrak F40ph ​locomotive. What's the point of building a locomotive without carriages, right? They would go nice with this, don't you think?

Time for me to go! Thanks for looking at my here project! If you think there's something wrong or missing, who you gonna call? Me! Okay, folks, that's all for today! Good day! (By cheesy. 4/9/2017)

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