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The Summer Beach Party Disco

This set is a Summer beach party disco that has four parts. The first part is the DJ box and speakers with people dancing on the beach and the light brick at the front of the DJ box flashes different colours.  The second part is the barbecue and lounge area. It has a  lifeguard stand with a red light brick that lights up when you push a button. It also has a pony ride The third part is the surfer dude,surfing on a wave and a shark lurking in the background.  And the final part is the 3 guys swimming and a guy that got his kayak stuck on a rock.

I build it because I had the idea to make a summer beach party disco set that is easy to build (so that's why there are 4 parts). Also it is suitable for both boys and girls because it uses a combination of Lego Friends and regular lego. 

I believe that this  would make a great set because everyone loves beaches, discos and lego. So everyone will love this set. After all, it is a party.

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