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Space Explorer

This was another one of my lego spaceships that I have built this day. I was bored doing pretty much nothing, so I decided to make another spaceship of these continuing from the "Futuristic Spaceship" project. I made it so that it looks similar to both the Spaceship Squad, Lieutenant Commander Ship, and the Futuristic Spaceship. It has the orange colors on the side, it has the white and gray, and the complex shapes. And also, I thought this would again, be a very good submission to the lego community, and show this to the public. 
(Sorry I am still trying to get the black background)

By the way, these spaceships are made from just using the pieces from the Lego Ideas ISS set! By using those pieces, I was able to make the complex shapes, yet keep it compact, light, and small. 

I'm donutsmasher, I post weekly spaceships!. And I hope to see you guys in the next one!

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