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Old Barn


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Hey everyone! Here’s my latest build.

I’ve always wanted to build a barn so after some planning, I came up with a basic design. 

A lot of farms nowadays still use old barns, so built this one in one of the many traditional styles, using masonry bricks.

Starting off with the outside, I made a barnyard around the barn with a fence and some cattle. There are also some little details, such as the grass and the shrubs. There is also a dog and a dish out there. Other details include a goofy little kid trying to rope a chicken while the farmer’s wife tries to stop him. There is also a guy holding some barbwire, and the farmer is fixing the tractor.

Moving on to the vehicles, I built a 1980s style square body truck, a 1970s style farm tractor, and an atv.

Now let’s talk about the main part of this build: The barn.

There are many styles of barns. I decided to build this one out of grey masonry bricks to look like stone. On the main floor, there is a tool chest, a work bench, some crates with a small engine on top of one, a v-8 engine sitting on the floor, a pile of lumber, and a box of some sort. I also included a hayloft with some hay and a couple tools on the floor.

That's about it. Thanks for taking the time to look at my build. I enjoyed building this and I hope you like it. Be sure to tell me what you think in the comments.

Thanks again!!

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