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What's Inside The Earth and Sun?


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*Earth and Sun are not to scale with each other*

Ever wondered if those diagrams in your science textbook depicting the Sun and Earth could be 3D? Now they can! 

This set depicts all the layers of the Earth and Sun with info placards, including an easy way to switch out the interior quadrant with a normal quadrant to make the Earth and Sun look whole.

All you have to do is read the placard and you'll learn some things you didn't know before you clicked on this page! 

I love space and my Astro 101 class inspired me to create a model that is educational and fun to play with. Also, I made a similar model in 2018 which turned out pretty bad, but I'm here to redeem myself!

-Whole Sun with Sun interior quadrant, prominence, extra sunspots, and stand with info card
-Whole Earth with Earth interior quadrant, stand and info card
-Easy assembly with 8 quadrants per sphere connecting to the top and bottom base with technic pins (see pic 10)
-Each hemisphere is then joined to the middle rim by sliding on an axle (see pic 11)
-1,422 pieces

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