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Lego Hot Dog Wagon

To accompany the official Lego pizza van, ice cream truck, and monster burger truck I've created a 6 wide scale hot dog van.

The set consists of:
1) The Hot Dog Van
2) Two mini figures based on the collectable mini figure range.
The kit itself consists of 364 parts.The kit also includes 1 part with a unique print (the menu)

The kitchen has:
1) Two fridges.
2) storage drawer
3) Grill with extractor fan
4) Sauces 
5) Cash register
6) Faucet with sink.

There's a large novelty hot dog on the roof to attract attention from customers and give the van a distinctive look whilst also being the same scale as other lego city vehicles.

The company is simply called DoG but there space on the whit panels above to add you own choice of name via print or sticker.

The roof removes for playability and the rear door swings up to allow mini figure access.

Thanks in advance for any support, this is my first MoC!

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