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Sheriff's Office - Wild West


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Welcome to the Wild West! 

The head of a gang of bandits was arrested by the sheriff. He is locked in a cell. This is a great risk for the entire town. Everyone expects the bandits to try to rescue their boss. The sheriff called his friends to help him save the village from the anger of the gang. They're patrolling the neighborhood. But the bandits also have a plan...

My idea is to bring to LEGO another characteristic building, but from another era. A classic building from the Wild West. 
The Wild West was a very dangerous place. Evil vs good, bandits vs lawmen. Every major town had to have a sheriff's office to keep order. 

I decided to build a two-story detached building with removable floors. This is the classic way to access the interior. The walls are made of diagonal planking. On the first floor, there is a sheriff's office and a cell. On the second floor, there is a living area with a bed and a bookcase. A large safe can also be found there. The whole building is almost studless, unlike the base. The whole is kept in classic colors for the Wild West. I decided to use the classic minifigures from the western series. 1 sheriff, 1 deputy, 2 cowboys and 2 bandits.

2690 elements
6 minifigures
2 horses
Width: 42.8 cm/16.9 in
Length: 29.2 cm/11.5 in
Height: 22 cm /8.7 in

Some details:


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